ASUS Software

ASUS put own software on the Fonepad.
Plus the option tzo add more ASUS Software.
As you can see, it is part of the gestapoware: google/facebook/twitter/wordpress,

The ASUS webstorage is said to be free; sign in, and you provide your email address.
Then you can get access to 3Gb data space on their servers.
Which means that ‘they’ get full access to all that data on that server.
And you get tools to add more data and reach it in more ways.

You can install webstorage for Android, Linux, WIndows and Mac.
(The Mac installation comes with a free installation of “Growl”.)
The webstoragesync agend evidently will identify all IP’s that you use.
Thus, it can be used to identify you, ‘completely; just be aware in using this.

Additions for the Cloud Storage (for Windows OS):

Already present on the Fonepad:

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