What software comes with the Fonepad?
Which of that software is redundant?
Which software might be an improvement?
Which operating System (OS) might be better?


The Asus OS can be downloaded here:

The Botto00 rooted version of it can be found on the DOWNLOAD page

  • ME371MG_all_WW_user_V3.2.4-2.raw (788.7 MB); THX Botto00!

This is the Torrent file for this file same file for P2P sharing:


The Standard Software

The Fonepad comes with:

  1. the Android System
  2. the Google Software
  3. the ASUS software
  4. Profiling software

Profiling Software (which includes most of the Google software) track what you do and whom with.
They are often presented and parades as ‘free services’ or social networking software’.
If you have never learned about the Stasi technology in school; take time to do your own research.
History has very well disproved the philosophy that ‘the stare’, or ‘the corporation’ “knows best”.

The ASUS software is in part essential; and in part redundant; choose which one it is.
The backup software is essential: quick and effective;  it does not backup the system progams.
System program backup is not necessary: they are part of the ROM RAW (Updates).
Some of the other software does the same as some Google software: it is up to you to choose.

  • System Browser or Chrome?
    You may prefer Firefox instead (with duckduckgo as search engine).
  • Asus Studio of Google Gallery?
    I prefer ASUS Studio: Google claims it may become owner of everything i look at.

(To be continued…)

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