“ROOT acces” means that you overrule the restrictions that were put on the factory produced android operating system.

The standard operating system limits what you can do (WRONG).
It is useful for people who do not take interest or responsibility in their own property.
As consumers, they just want to use, maybe even abuse.
The manufacturer limits the possible number of complaints by limiting what a consumer can do.

If you believe that you should use your (bought) device your way then you are responsible also.
You cannot complain elsewhere (the manufacturer) for what you tried to do what went wrong.
It is your responsibility, and ‘if you made it go wrong then you must make it go right’.
Root access gives you full access, thus full use, and and with it full responsibility.

The manufacturers try to limit root access; they just do not want the hassle.
The dedicated users like to hassle their own device; and thus want root access.
You can then add and delete, even lose all that is essential. And try to recover.
Perhaps you’ll need to buy a new device; but that is part of the learning.

So, don’t even think about ROOTing if you do not want your own responsibility.
If you know you are responsible for your life, and all you do, then you can ROOT.
Dedicated users have found ways to get into the software to remove the limitations.
They made their solutions available; for those who are responsible always.

So much for the moral sermon…

Below you find rooting solutions that i found for the devices that i use(d):


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