Within one month of the Android phones being marketed, Non 2008, Jay Freeman installed Debian on it. (Source: Eric Doviak):


  1. Installing Debian in debian.img file om SDcard
    following the work of Sven-ola Truecke
  2. Installing debian on SDmemory card
    Following the work of Eric Doviak based on (1)

1) Recipe of Sven-Ola Tuecke:

Sven-Ola Tuecke created a direct way for installing Debian or Ubunto on an Android device.
ROOT is required to be able to do this.
Debian, or Linux, will install to a deb.img in data/local/deb

  1. debian-kit-1-5.shar
  2. (VX)
  3. Remote
  4. Debian


Download his install script: debian-kit-1.5.shar:
once downloaded it will be seen as debian-kit-1-5.jpeg.

It requires (VX) to run the commands.
Install (VX)

Using Terminal Emulator or (VX)Connectbot:

1: type: “SU”
to get the super user # prompt

2. type: “sh /sdcard/Doanload/debian-kit-1-5.jpeg”
this start the installation; follow the prompts.

3. type: “2s” (or alternative as indicated) to select the instaal option.
(2s selects a 2Gb ‘partition’ with a Debian Squeeze image)

type “deb” to start

apt-get update

apt-get install andromize

adduser deb (password: deb)

Using remote RDP

Then use

2) Recipe of Eric Doviak

  1. Format the Removable SD memory card using Gparted
  2. Set write prohibitions for Android, for the Debian partitions

Formatting the SD card

I use a special USB stick with Yumi, as general purpose rescue tool.
On it, i have the Gparted partition editor.
After booting from the USB drive, and selecting gParted, this i how i partitioned my 64 Gb SDmemory card (following the description of Eric Doviak on

  1. 26 Gb FAT32 “Android”
    Which i later reformatted to ExFAT (which allows for larger size files)
  2. 6.4 Gb Ext2 “Debian”
  3. 26 gb Ext2 “Data”

Android will read the first partition first.


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