Android (Alternatives)

Android is a Linux-derived operating system.
This gives it the basic capacities of Linux.
But Android is completely integrated with Google.
“Privatising Privacy” is the main Google process.

Android is often described as a “Consumer Device”.
It means that you can consume, but not produce.
Android turns a PC into something akin to a TV.
Android is NOT the optimal platform for creation.

Android does NOT function well without Google.
You need a Google account to install software.
Google monitors all the software that you use.
Google can even uninstall ‘your’ software.

Android makes ‘your’ device into ‘their’ device.
You have become no more than a consumer.
You are a mark for advertising, ‘you are being sold (out)‘..
Advertising laws were create to track and record your behaviour.

The movie ‘‘the Life of Others” shows what this means.
The book ”IBM and the Holocaust” shows how that works.
The history of the inquisition shows the probable outcome.
The Google privacy statements states that they privatise your privacy.

Google does wonderful work in connecting people.
But Google is gory in its privatising of privacy.
The solution would be simple: (inter) nationalise Google.
Change Google from a corporation into a co-operation.

I experience Android as the IT equivalent of a ‘Pacifier’.
‘However much you suck on it, nothing will come off it’.
As with pacifier-use for babies: it makes you ‘shut up’.
The image of the Lytot baby pacifier-sunglasses is symbolic:

Lytot sunglass pacifier

Lytot sunglass pacifier

Ubuntu is now being prapared for use on ‘Mobiles’.
The pre-presentation advertising looks promising.
Firefox also is working on a mobile operating system.
But in the case of the Fonepad: how about … Windows?

The CPU is an Intel x86; set to now ‘invade the market’.
It means that it ‘should be possible’ to use a Windows OS.
My earlier computers and laptops had less power than the Fonepad.
Is it possible to install and run, say a WIn98SE, on the Fonepad? may even be a much more interesting option. It is a very compact, fast and competent system software. It combines the possibility for programming with program use. And basically offers an integrated office production software.

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