This page deals with Enhancements, beyond hardware and software.
It addresses the use of gadgets and instruments, of different kinds.
Some to connect the Fonepad up to different devices (PC, TV, …).
Some to give the Fonepad better work time on the road.

Practical Accessories

 PC USC Charger cable
(for micro-USB, mini-USB and iPhone-4) approx €6.

  • https://www.pearl.ch/ch-a-PX2721-1302.shtml
Fonepad - Charger (multi) Cable
Fonepad – Charger (multi) Cable

Travel Charger (multi voltage in, 5V out)

  • https://www.pearl.ch/ch-a-HZ7213-4021.shtml
Fonepad - Travel-charger
Fonepad – Travel-charger

Car 2x USB Charger. Approx €10

in-car 2x USB charger
in-car 2x USB charger

Powerbank, for 2 devices; 12000 mAh. Approx. €50.

  • https://www.pearl.ch/ch-a-PX1595-5542.shtml

HDMI connector cable. Approx €18.

  • https://www.pearl.ch/ch-a-PX2732-1433.shtml

HDMI cable

HDMI cable

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