ROOTing & Projects

What is possible with the Fonepad?

The Fonepad is full of potentials.
The software it comes with is limited, and limiting…
What is possible? What is desired? (See the WIsh List)
The projects explore what can be done, and show what is being done. (The Downloads show the results)

  1. ROOTing
  2. Software optimisation
  3. ROM alternatives
  4. Enhancements

1) ROOTing

Thanks to botto00, ROOTing has been achieved.
As always: you must be response-able in all that you do.
But now you can actually start using YOUR computer.
And explore what else is possible, with it.

2) Software optimisation

This projects looks into software choices for the Fonepad.
Users compare and share; experiment, test, evaluate and validate.
The result is packages of ABU backups, all with password 0000.
Each adds a groupss of APPs, that give the Fonepad more use(s).

3) ROM Alternatives

This projects looks one level deeper; not the software, but the system.
How good is the factory standard operating system on the Fonepad.
Can the standard operating system be enhanged, improved? How?
Is it better to use different Operating Systems; if so, which one, why?

4) Fonepad Enhancements

Apart from what the wishlist explores, how can the Fonepad be enhanced?
Using the micro-USB, what possibilities can yet be unfolded?
Are there gadgets, implements, considerations which can help you?
This projects aims to explore that, and find out what can be found out.

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