Formatting & partitioning the MicroSD memory card

In order to run Debian on my Fonepad i need to format the MicroSD card.
That turns out to be less straightforward than i thought.
I tried Gparted, from a Yumi boot USB stick.
And Mini Tools partitioner in Windows.

Partitioning was easy, into Fat and EXT2 (not-journaled).
But then it turned out that the Fonepad’s Android saw only one (of 3) partitions.
And that i could find no tools to work partitioning in Android.
But also, that Windows was unable to read the FAT Partition.

The 64 Gb sdcard with factory format worked well in Windows 8 and Android.
My later reformatting wit exFAT (for larger files) also worked, on both.
But somehow the Gparted FAT had win8 balk ‘unrecognisable’.
And its FAT32 format seemed not to gel well with Android.

I ended up testing what Android card format would/could do.
It proved to be straightforward, and formatted only the FAT partition.
Which gives me a working MicroSD in the Fonepad.
Now i still need to work out how to access the other two partitions…

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