Outstanding Wishes

  • Android Operating System replacement

Google-device says it all: Google controls what can happen.
In a free society you must be free to determine your own use of your own resources.
Fonepad with Debian, and/or Fonepad with mini-Windows XP would be better use.
The FonePad is a complete Computer in your Pocket; why not use it as such?

  • Extra SDcard Storage Slot

There appears to be space for it: an Sdcard storage slot.
Then i could take along a spare memory chip.
Or a chip with, e.g., an other operating system.
A safe place to keep it stashed, IN the Fonepad.

Granted Wishes


ASUS manufactures the Fonepad and Nexus7.
The Nexus 7 has wi-Fi direct built-in
Thus can do local WiFi communication.
Why is it not turned on in the Fonepad?

  • Use Superbeam instead

This wish has been granted in Android 4.3

Dual SIM

The ‘motherboard’ is designed for dual SIM.
All it takes to use it is an extra SIM clip.
Then your home phone and work phone are ‘one’.
And one device ‘can do all’.

This wish has been granted in model ME175CG

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