Fonepad as Phone

On many websites many ‘reviewers’ say ‘it’s too big to phone’.
I imagine they might prefer these ‘phoney’ ”phone gloves”.
See the image:

I don’t know what axe these ‘reviewers’ have to grind.
I was fed up carrying laptop + camera + recorder + phone + …
I am not concerned with how others think i (don’t) look.
If the phone rings, i can answer it; i’m big enough for that…

However, i know: ”don’t stick your head the microwave oven”.
It is as stupid to stick a microwave oven to your head.
For that reason i always keep my fone(pad) on a leash.
In my case, i opted for a zipped cable:

If you care for the way you look … buy a mirror.
(Hm, the Fonepad in daylight mirrors quite a bit. Maybe too much.)
If you worry about the opinions of others, read the Constitution.
Everybody is entitled to their opinion; just like you.

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