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Asus Fonepad (12)

This site was set up to create a dedicated Fonepad platform.
Various developer sites already discuss the Fonepad.
A few actually develop larger functionality, e.g. rooting. (botto00) even rooted the ROM.

But all of this takes place in discussion threads.
Where many people ask questions which were already answered. is set up to ‘spell out the answers’.
And weave together findings of the discussion thread.

How best to do that?
We will have yo try out and find out.
This domain-name/server is now available.
With a WordPress software to communicate between users.

Please help set up the website.
A mailing list-server can be set up when/as needed.
A FAQ plugin is setup to give access to all answers.
The aim goes beyond that: to make most/best use of the Fonepad.

For now, signing up / participation is by invitation only.
Once the information has coherence the site will be opened.
Easiest way to contribute will then be via email.
More WordPress features will be implemented as needed.

This is a DIYT project: Do It Yourself, Together.

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