My Extras

The Fonepad is sold wih a charger and small manual, in a box.
A few extras increase the ways in which the Fonepad can be used:

Below are the fast memory, connection cables and other Extras that i use:

Memory Expansion (64Gb, fast)

Work memory

ASUS indicates that the Fonepad can be fitted with 32Gb extra memory.
Their Fonepad can work with 64 Gb micro SDXC memory cards.

I installed a fast-read Samsung 64GB UHS 1 Class 10 Micro SDXC.
It can read at 70mb/s R; and write at 20mb/s.


Samsung 64Gb micro SDXC 70R-20W
64Gb (fast) work memory

Although the Fonepad works well with the 64Gb memory, it cannot update from it.
I use a separate 8Gb micro SD memory for the purpose of ROM-updates.

ROM-flash Memory (8Gb, slow)

8Gb SD card for ROM updates ‘only’.
It contains the RAW ROM image for reloading the system-


Essential Accessories

OTG-cable (‘€3’) On-The-Go cable, to connect to external USB devices

Fonepad OTG cable
Fonepad OTG cable


Micro-USB to Mini-USB converter – PLUS – Mini-USB to OTG

  • Approx €3
  • Approx.€2


Fonepad - micro-USB to mini-USB
Fonepad – micro-USB to mini-USB

Fonepad - micro-USB OTG


Practical Accessories

 PC USC Charger cable (for micro-USM, mini-USB and iPhone-4) approx €6.

Fonepad - Charger (multi) Cable
Fonepad – Charger (multi) Cable

Travel Charger (multi voltage in, 5V out)

Fonepad - Travel-charger
Fonepad – Travel-charger

Car 2x USB Charger. Approx €10
in-car 2x USB charger
in-car 2x USB charger

Powerbank, for 2 devices; 12000 mAh. Approx. €50.


HDMI connector cable. Approx €18.


HDMI cable

On the Fonepad, the HDMIsettings.apk is located in system/app.

HDMI cable
Fonepad - micro-USB OTG

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