My Setup: Fonepad 7HD + (fast) 64 Gb

(See here for my first Fonepad device and set-up.)
The fast 64 Gb SD Memory i now use in the Fonepad 7.
All connector cables and extra’s i can use as before.

The Asus Fonepad 7 has a dual core Intel chip, ‘doubling’ its processor capacity.
The camera resolution increased, putting video quality from 720p to 1080p.
Two front loudspeakers make it a ‘standalone’ stereo music (video) centre.
Plus, there are definite attempts by Asus for improvement of the software.

Fonepad 7

The hardware is clearly being developed towards a more complete device.
This stepwise improvement still has the 9 hour battery life, as the previous model.
The Fonepad is (as hardware) as ‘powerful’ as the laptops i used to work on.
What i would wish now, is to do the work that i did on the laptop, on the Fonepad.

I was new to the Android system software.
And the more i use it, the more i dislike it.
“Android” is no more than a spy system.
Which tries to appropriate my entire life.

I now look for more than just ROOTing the device.
Although Total Commander makes it more useful, ‘as is’ …
I am now more inclined to change the operating system.
Windows, or Debian, (or as a lesser option, Ubuntu).

I no longer want operating systems which only serve to spy on people.
It is not free software, it is selling out what people do, and are.
The Fonepad shows how small an integral communicator can be.
With a large enough screen ‘to see what i am doing’…

Fonepad 7 Front

Compared to the 1st Fonepad, the rear panel no longer has a removable hatch.

Fonepad 7 Rear
It is instead one shell casing; the SIM and SDcard are inserted in the side.
Fonepad 7 Buttons

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