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How to join

This website is NOT open to the general public.
Participation is by invitation ONLY.

Posting comments is NOT activated (and all posted comments will be deleted), yet …
You can post a message who you are, why you wish to join, your websites URL, and what you can contribute.

We will look at your credentials; and select who we invite to join in.
What we look for is (a few) active competent contributors with a positive attitude.

The purpose is to make a very instructive website, where all can learn how to optimise their Fonepad.
Without further discussion ( is already well set up for that).

Here, we show results, what works, with clear instructions on how to do it.
That requires response-able people, who know what they are doing. Are you one?


ONLY post your comment i f your are competent.
If not: read what the site offers and you will yet be… competent Fonepad user.