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This website is dedicated to the Fonepad (ASUS MGF004/KOOE/KOOY Mobile phone).
It is a pocket-size computer; with full data and telephone communication.
It is the size and shape of a Nexus 7; and produced by the same company (ASUS).
Its hardware has much greater potential than the standard software allows for.

Go to Downloads for the ROOTed ROM RAW created by Botto00; and more…

This is what the Fonepad (pocket PC + mobile telephone), looks like:

Fonepad 7 LTE (ME372CL)
Root: http://forum.xda-developers.com
(THX Fussel323!)
root KOOY 4.1.0 WW, root KOOY 4.1.1 WW, root KOOY 4.1.2 WW,
root KOOY 5.3.3 WW, root KOOY 5.3.6 WW

Firmware: http://www.asus.com

Fonepad 7HD (ME372CG)
Root: http://forum.xda-developers.com
(THX MEHRDAD595, and Fussel323 !)
root K00E 3.2.4 WW,
root K00E 5.1.6 WWroot K00E 5.2.2 WW, root K00E 5.2.5 WW
root K00E 6.3.6 WW, root K00E 6.4.2 WW

Firmware: https://www.asus.com

Fonepad 7

Fonepad 7
Root: http://raw.fonepad.me/ME371MG_all_WW_user_V3.2.4-2.zip (THX Bott00)
Firmware: http://www.asus.com

The Office-in-your-Pocket

Computer + Telephone + PDA + Camera + Recorder + …

This is what this web site discusses:

  1. What is (the) Fonepad; ROOTED
  2. Fonepad with, ahum, Android
  3. Fonepad with, yeah, Debian!
  4. Fonepad with, ooff, Windows?

And this is what it is all about:

  • Meet my Office-in-my-pocket.
  • A full computer, with telephone, recorder, camera, video, movie/music-player and more.
  • As much computing power as most laptops and desktops just a few years ago.
  • With a full day work capacity (9 hours, 10 hours, 11 hours), on the go.

Fonepad = camera 2 Fonepad = camera Fonepad = CinemaFonepad = RecorderFonepad = music player

Fonepad = Gamepad    Fonepad = PDA Fonepad = RemoteFonepad = Notepad

Fonepad = Office

This web site is set up to explore the possibilities for FULL use of the Fonepad.
The information for rooting the Fonepad comes from forum.xda-developers.com.
Thanks to XDA-DEV (!), the rooted versions of the updates provided by ASUS exist.
Evidently, it would be more interesting if ASUS itself provided rooted software.

On this website you can find the standard specification of the ASUS Fonepad.
Also, you find a listing of the standard programs in the rooted and unroted versions.
This is done only for the www_3.2.4 installation of the (first) Fonepad 7.
The specifications are shown using screenprints, taken with the in-built software.

The website also explores what basis software would be ideal for the Fonepad.
The Google (privatising privacy) Android Software is not at all an ideal choice.
The Ubuntu software seems promising and maybe ideal, but is not yet available.
What are the various options for setting up a Fonepad for most general use?

For me, the Fonepad replaces my Dialogue Flybook (V2, V3, V5) with in-built telephone.
Instead of taking along the touchscreen laptop+phone (+ separate recorder + camera) in a bag, it now slides in my pocket.
Ideally i would want it to have a dual sim; and a spare memory storage slot.
You will be able to read HERE why i would want this; and anyone might wish that.

I started this website because of the lack of a dedicated Fonepad Users website.
I saw that Botto00 basically singlehandedly made the Fonepad 7 functional: Thx!
I saw that the installation files needed a more accessible repository: torrenting.
And i saw that too many people ‘do not do their homework’, in asking questions.

In this website there is no place for lame answers/questions; they will be rooted out.
People who do not actually actively contribute, will loose access to this site.
On the other hind: this site bundles the information of the XDA-developers forum site.
What i found there, you can now find here; without the bunff and the banter.


Asus Fonepad mainpage
Asus Fonepad specs
Asus Fonepad software
Asus Fonepad Drivers – Use the INTEL Fonepad drivers instead.


XDA-Developers.org Fonepad Thread
XDA-Developers botto00 posts


ASUS version
Botto00 version


Wanted: Ubuntu-only installation
Wanted: Debian-only installation
Wanted: Windows-XP installation

Minimal: Stipped and Cleaned Android version – Google-free
Maximal: Minimal version plus all Apps for a full Work Space


Screen shots of Specifications, Settings and Software, and more


0) As-Is from the factory
1) Cleaned
2) Enhanced
3) Workable
4) Good


One thought on “Welcome to … Fonepad.me

  1. i

    Welcome, you have found this website, for Fonepad Development.
    Already you will find a few informative pages; they will be made more complete.
    A FAQ section will be added, to help any Fonepad user make best use of the device.
    That will include suggestions for replacing the operating system; back in own control.


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